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Oxu Jewelry was founded on a single idea; give people handmade things that have a meaning and a story. There is no better way to tell that story than to design a ring yourself. I take every idea seriously; even if it’s outside of my capabilities or cannot be done I will still work with you to find a way to get you the ring you need.

Given that custom rings will vary in difficulty, materials, and crafting time, we ask that you fill out this form so that we can get back to you as soon as possible with a quote. You can send us as many messages or pictures as possible to give us the clearest idea as to what you're looking for in your ring.


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bonus features to consider while filling out your form


Inserts (Price Varies)

If you want a ring made from two different materials, an insert can be placed on the inside of your ring. Ex: For a Brass ring that glows on the inside you would place a glow insert inside of a Brass “shell” ring.


Engraving +$3/character

Engravings are the cherry on top when it comes to ring design. They’re small and are only seen by you yet they add a really special feature to any ring truly marking it yours.


Inlays (Price Varies)

Inlays are a stripe, or stripes that vertically intersect the base material. Inlays can be filled with just about anything from other materials all the way to powders and stones. The possibilities never end! Ex: The Warlock has a green glow / obsidian inlay


Diamondbacking +$30

The ring is sanded at different angles over 50 times to make it appear as if the ring itself is a diamond.

This finish gives fantastic flair to any ring.

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When do you need this ring by?
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Disclaimer :

  • ALL ideas are considered thoroughly but some lay outside of my expertise and available tooling.

  • Some custom orders may require a security deposit due to time / materials required; it will be credited towards the final price once the order is completed. The deposit is non-refundable unless the order is cancelled at any point by me for any reason


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Orange Glass Ring for Primo_Soldato
30.00 60.00
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Swirl Glow w/ Silver for Priscila Alvarez
140.00 160.00

Made with glow that matches the Oxu logo and lined with high quality pure silver. Official Oxu ring perhaps?

Development Time: 3 Weeks

Failed Attempts: 2

Engraving: XII-X-XVIII

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